Greetings + Launch Giveaway!

Hayyyyy, everyone! I'm so glad you are here and you've found my little corner of the interwebs!

For those of you who may not know me so well (yet!), my name is Farrah Collins, and I'm currently living near Boston, MA {doesn't this immediately make you think I'm about to share you my a/s/l with you? // <-- does that age me?}. I have been dreaming of starting my own blog for years now, and for some reason, 2017 seems to have really lit a fire in me! I'll always be a dreamer, but I want to get those dreams in action! One of those dreams has been to share the world of natural health and wellness and what it's done for me and my familia (fur babies included)! To be fully transparent, I spent about 2-3 years of my life in this bubble of anxiety {if you have anxiety, you know how it feels} harping on all the negative things and things that might happen or not happen instead of just enjoying the life I have and making my life what I want it to be! It's been a journey finding myself and my strength again, but with the help of loved ones, LOTS of puppy snuggles, and changing my lifestyle, I've been able to take a step back, breathe, and really try to live in the present moment. I don't want it to sound like it's been a piece of cake! Taming anxiety is work! Marriage is work! LIFE takes effort-- but by golly, all those people reading their daily affirmations and striving for a positive life are really onto something! So I won't lie to you and say it isn't work, but if you go looking for happiness- really, really look for it, you'd be surprised what life has in store for you.

So, what can you expect from me? Y'all. I know that time is precious, and our lives are getting so fast-paced, so I won't be that girl to clog up your inboxes or make your notifications ding every second. I'll be posting mostly once a week, unless there's just something I have to share and it can't wait 'til the next week. Scout's honor.

Also, every month, to really push myself, I'm going to try a new 30 day challenge! For this month, I'm going to try not to use the microwave (dun, dun, dun) for a whole month! I'll chat about that more next week! Do you guys have any suggestions?

What better way to kick off a new project than with a giveaway {am-i-right?}? I wanted to give someone out there a chance to win some things that represent who I am and are very special to me (and gosh, this is just a beginning, so maybe we will have to do more giveaways ;P)!  Included in this giveaway:

  • One 5 mL bottle of Young Living Essential Oils Lavender {I cannot live without this baby, and I refuse to. The uses for it are endless, so don't stop short at, "Oh, it smells nice." Essential Oils were like my Pandora's Box to the natural health and wellness world. I can't even count the ways that they've helped keep us above the "wellness line."
  • One full size Detoxifying Mask from TruSelf Organics. I have such a passion for taking care of our bodies inside and out and am always seeking out awesome products to help me do that. Something else that is essential to me is supporting friends, family, and small businesses! When you support small businesses, you're helping to pay for someone's ballet lessons, car payment, soccer camp, or even house mortgage. Isn't that nicer than filling someone's pockets who are already heavy?
  • One metal diffuser necklace. This hearkens back to my interior design days. Form + Function. This necklace is so beautiful and you can diffuse your favorite YL essential oils in them whether you're a mama that needs a little extra energy throughout the day, or you're like me and need a little zen every now and then!
  • One Persian talisman from Iran to ward off "the evil eye" and other negative energy. Have you ever seen the movie, "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding?" Well, that's my family, except we're Persian. We are loud, proud, and extremely family oriented. If you look into the philosophy of Oola (which I promise to highlight later), you'll see that my very core is family. Without my family and their sometimes stressful, but always unconditional love, I would be nothing. This little gem sort of represents my Persian side, but also, I want to make sure that you are only getting those good, positive vibes!

So how do I enter this thing?? I'm glad you asked! I promise it won't be like a 40 account loop (anyone else hate those??)! To enter:

  1. Subscribe to the blog! I promise to keep it real with you guys, and try to always highlight the beautiful adventures life will take us on, as well as everything I learn about natural health!
  2. Follow me on my main Instagram account @thisisfarrah. If you feel inclined to follow along on my essential oils IG @healingembers, that would be awesome sauce, but that's totally optional!
  3. Leave a comment on my @thisisfarrah IG account under my latest picture talking about the blog launch! If you don't have an IG account {whhaaat!? j/k :P}, leave a comment on this blog post! The comment can be anything! Feedback, what you want to see, just saying hello, maybe even a suggestion for a 30 day challenge! :)

That's it! Winner will be picked at random and announced on next week's blog post!

 Once again and always, much love and many thanks. <3

          - Farrah